Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Harry Potter shelf

I've had complaints from my one reader that this blog NEEDS MORE COWBELL ... err ... crafts.

With this in mind I present to you my Harry Potter shelf.
The shelf started out as a couple of potion bottles. Then I got a knock-off Hermione wand, the U.S. Postal Service released some stamps and I learned how to make golden snitches. Folks, we have a problem here. The tiny bottles are mostly souvenirs from various trips.

First up is veritaserum or the truth serum. The bottle came from my friend's antique store and all the labels featured come from here. My friend The Scientist and I printed the labels out one at a time on to sticker paper. Next we carefully cut them out. We originally planned for an afternoon of heavy duty crafting but this was easier.

Hagrid's slug repellent
A little draught of living death, anyone? No? The bottle came from my sister C. It was a Patron tequila bottle. I removed the labels and all the ink with rubbing alcohol. Just squirt a little on a napkin or Q-tip and scrub away. I did have a wash it out once or twice to remove any traces of booze. The cork, for me, is the best part.

Additional potion bottles for from my travels or the travels of others. The unmarked bottle came from my partner Willis.
The golden snitch is my latest addition. This one was the prototype for a few Christmas presents. I want to make some fancier ones for next year. The tutorial for this snitch came from the crafting site Epbot.

Willis made this for me for the last Harry Potter premiere. I wore it on a black hat and carried a large camera around. I was a hit with the kids.
One thing I would have done differently is spray the stickers with a anti-fade solution. It's expensive but works really well.  

That concludes the crafts for my Harry Potter shelf. I hope to add a fancy bottle of Skel-o-grow and the "Monster Book of Monsters" in the future.

My hope is to one day have a whole corner of my house dedicated to Harry. I also have the Hogwarts book trunk and framed Dumbledore quote.

Have you done a Harry Potter craft? Tell me about it in the comments.

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